Tuesday, July 30, 2013

King of the Wall 2013 - WST Style Clinic

So my mello my man ZONE1 just pulled up back in town.  Having not gotten down with my brother for over 2 years I was def excited to get it in.  In comes the "King of the Wall 2013" competition.  I opted out of the competition to let the next generation have their time to shine, so the Writerz Blok put us down for a style clinic.  With that in mind we started to plot a theme and run thru ideas for the clinic.  The Bode books were dusted off and some ideas were noted.  We finally set on some Bode lizards operating on toys at the local clinic.  This is what the prognosis said: "Just as I expected. No Heart. No Soul..."  Here are the flicks of the Get Free session.  Enjoy!
Progress shots.

"So Doc...  What's the Prognosis?"
"Just as I expected...  No Heart.  No Soul..."

P.S.  Sake-WST/IBM came in on the production after we had started, so I will do a part 2 of this production once he gets done.

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