Monday, August 6, 2012

Jah Cure - That Girl

Here's what I like to call "Pure Niceness" when it comes to the reggae steeze.  This bomb comes compliments of one of my favorites Jah Cure and the tune is called "That Girl".  Jah Cure is entering a new realm and one that I salute the bredren for.  This is his first single from his new venture and label called Iyah Cure Label.  The artist also says that he is also getting into the production side of the music to broaden his horizons.  Here is a quote from the man himself:
 “I am investing in myself on a broader scale because I have come to realise that the Jah Cure brand is powerful. My name is worth millions and that’s why other people want to invest in me, so I figured that I should invest in myself and be in control of my own destiny,” - Jah Cure.

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