Monday, August 20, 2012

Gabby Douglas Poem - Each One Teach One

Ran across this on the internet and thought I would share.  This is in response to US Gold medal winner Gabby Douglas who took the gymnastics world by storm only to have the racist country we live in talk ish about her pony tail.  I was appalled when I first heard of it.  C'mon son! Really?  Her hair was not tied up right?  SMH.  I didn see a few other with way worst hair after completing their routines, but no comment on those, just the black girls.  Gabby Douglas is an African/American icon.  She will bring hope and that Yes I Can attitude to millions of little girls across the world.
Here is a poem written by one of these girls that was inspire by Gabby.  Check it...
Poem writen by Jasmine Waiters.

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