Monday, January 16, 2012

Is Fab 5 Freddie a fraud?

Wow!  Not too often I get something from someone's blog and re-post it but... I don't even know what to say.  I got this from Revok's blog.  Please leave comments on this one.  Looks like someone got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.
This post is sure to ruffle some feathers and possibly damage a few relationships… But i cant bite my tongue on this one since it involves a dear friend and crew member of mine SEVER MSK. So… I was eating dinner tonight entertaining myself with my iphone browsing the web, I came across something mentioning a recent show at Subliminal Projects in L.A. involving 2 of the most important and influential graffiti artists in history… And one poser. The title of this show ironically was “3 kings” -I nearly threw-up my salad.
Now FUTURA 2000 & LEE QUINONES are undeniably kings in every respect, and I have the highest respect for both artists and in no way aim to disrespect them. I think every writer on the planet would agree they are true kings in every respect… But this less than fabulous Freddie character is a lame and NEVER WAS A GRAFFITI WRITER/ARTIST. Actually let me make a correction… He painted some really shitty piece on a movie set, a music video, started a piece once on one train and didnt finish… and caught a few tags around a trendy neighborhood were a few key galleries were located in the 80′s… This in no way qualifies him as anything but a wanna-be and a perpetrator. To show this lame alongside true legends FUTURA & LEE is a travesty and insult to the culture.
Now I bet your wondering why I am going so hard at poor Fab-5 and knocking the guy’s hustle… Under any other circumstances I’d have a chuckle and go about my business… But I absolutely can not leave this one alone because that shit Fab-5 tried to present in a gallery as “original art” isn’t original. Fab’s “art” is composed entirely of stolen bits and pieces from my friend SEVER’s art… And its reproduced tragically might i add. Here is a guy who was NEVER a graffiti writer… Posing as a “king of graffiti” -All the while stealing from a REAL graffiti writer. SEVER is a world renown & globally recognized & respected graffiti artist… I bet “King FAB 5″ doesn’t even know who SEVER is and stumbled across SEVER’s work doing a google search… FUCKING PATHETIC.
Surely “King Fab-5″ would have a long catalogue of his own work to “sample” from to create original pieces for his art show right? -Wrong, he doesn’t have shit because he never did shit.

Link with flicks and proof:

You got to check the photos out.  Ouch!

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