Friday, January 6, 2012

DazeRoc-"Subterraneous, Intergalactic Funk" - project finished...

So I finally got around to my pet project “Subterraneous, Intergalactic, Funk”.  Feels good to finally get this done and I’m actually semi happy with the results.  I spent a lot of time on the fill, most of it just thinking and contemplating.  I really wanted to get out of my comfort level and try some new things and new techniques. I thought the flames came out dope.  2011 was a very productive year and I’m hoping to keep it moving and staying Free in 2012.  This one goes out to my GFC Family.  Always keeping it Hip Hop and staying Free.  “No Him Bow”.  Finally, here are the photos I promised.  Please leave comments and click on the photo to zoom in.  Thank you for tuning in and Enjoy!

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