Friday, April 1, 2011

The Bamboo Grove

    So I was laying in the infirmary with a broken foot after taking some small arms fire from some wobble headed snipers when I received the call.  The voice on the other side said: “I know you’re in the infirmary, but we got a mission.  Are you down?”  Got to admit I was getting real board doing nothing in infirmary.  “Ride!  You know, I’m down!  Send the Black Hawk.” I replied.  With that said, one minute I’m getting hospital food and pain medication and the next I’m hobbling around the Black Hawk trying to get all my gear straight.  Parachuting in while trying to land on one leg was not fun.

      Once we arrived at our destination, we were met by allied forces from the TFL squadron.  We also sent in for WST veteran SAKE to help with the festivities.  Once the mission was laid out, everyone took position and we went to work.

      ZONE and I headed first into the bamboo grove followed by TFL special force members STYLE, DRANE, & TAL bringing up the end.  Sake was out on a reconosense mission and was to join us later in the bamboo grove.  The mission was short, sweet, and to the point.  Take care of the objective and get out.  As usual ZONE was mopping up anything in his pass and he continued all day till we grabbed him by the collar and pulled him out.   
Bellow is what we left behind the bamboo grove.

     P.S. If you need more info on the bamboo grove site, hit up my man L-Dula (Designated Hittaz).  Perhaps he can shed more light for you on this subject.  Enjoy!

DazeRoc says: "Knock, Knock FOOL!"

 Daze & Zone deep in the Bamboo Groove

Sake The Real Deal Holyfield

Sake tribute to SD Legend Kut Father
 Mop up work by Zone on the way out



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