Wednesday, April 27, 2011

30 Minute Mix - Vol. 84

Been meaning to post up this sure shot from my partner in crime IZZE-WST.  DJ Mane had asked him a while back to rock a cover for one of the upcoming volumes.  IZZE uses these as practice sessions.  Here is a flick of the Architect putting it down with the good old No. 2.  No photo shop here, just a good old sharp pencil and some old markers.  Once the sketch was done, he inked it with a thin black marker.  Then he sat down to try to put down some color and with really no direction came up with this 80's Blackbook feel.  A sure shot for sure, can I hear a witness?  LOL and to think that at one point he thought about just doing it black & white.  With no further delay, here is the track info and the download link.  Enjoy!
1. Early Mornin' Tony Murs and Slug
2. Hold Up Marco Polo
3. Let Me Tell You Something Foreign Legion
4. The Funk w/Bush Babies Mane/Oh No
5. Ain't Nothin' Changed Blaq Poet
6. Definition of Nice Paul Nice
7. Oh Really KRS ONE
8. Physical Stamina Jeru
9. Throwback Rap Attack Percee P
10. Improvise Jurassic 5
11. Chubb Rock Can You Please Prince Paul

  Download or play for FREE here:

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Stretchdaboywondah said...

Anyplace else you can find this mix?