Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Here's a quicky to get the blood going.  Fame City's KEO & DASH get down, just for fun. 
     I represent the 80's school of Graffiti and it seems like the few of us that are still around do it primarily for fun.  It never left us and we're still at it for the love of it.  Not for a meal ticket or to pay the bills. 
     Here are a few quotes from the video write up.  Just something for you new cats that might not know the rules.

"KEO and DASH167 of the FC TC-5 X-MEN conglomerate are amongst the last practitioners of a traditional craft. You heard right... not a fine-art, not a "street-art", a CRAFT."

"style and technique is handed down from Master to Apprentice. Dues must be paid; rules and by-laws must be observed."

"Writing must function first as communication, as letter forms. There is advanced geometry involved."

"the motivation is different, the ideology is different, the dedication and passion, the techniques and traditions, foundation, philosophy, methodology... all different."

"Call it whatever you want, but know this: there are THOUSANDS of people making graffiti around the world but only a handful of Writers practicing this craft."

"No stencils, no latex acrylic roller bucket paint, just nuff nuff spray cans and a rickety ol' wooden ladder... no three dimensional lighting effects, no photo-realistic background muralism, and no talking orangutangs... just raw-dog 1986 style. It's about the letters."

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