Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back on the set..

Back on the set from a great Birthday/Hip Hop Holiday.  Here is the scoop on the new Circa - Afrika Bambaataa colabo.  Check in...


San Clemente, CA - February XX, 2011- C1RCA Select is proud to announce the collaboration with hip-hop legend, Afrika Bambaataa, on the Spring 2011 tee and sneaker collection entitled the Zulu Collection.

Bronx native Afrika Bambaataa is one of the originators of break-beat deejaying, and one of the architects of Hip Hop Culture. In fact, he is credited for coining the phrase, “Hip Hop”for the culture and pulling the 5 elements together. He also helped fuel the development of other musical genres such as freestyle or Latin freestyle,  Miami bass, house, hip house, electronic and early techno. He was the first to use a synthesizer on a Hip Hop record, ultimately creating the electro funk sound.

C1RCA is proud to work with Afrika Bambaataa again (initially in a sponsored concert 10 years ago), and is excited about the sneaker and t-shirt offerings in the Spring 2011 Select Collection.

Afrika Bambaataa and C1RCA have teamed up to create two shoes for the Spring 2011 collection, the Convert and the 99 Vulc. The Bambaataa Convert features a High Top design with a molded EVA insole for added comfort. The Bambaataa Convert comes in a green, black and red color way with Suede, Patent Leather, Perf Action Nubuck, and a 3M reflective Upper. The Convert advertises the collab with “UZN” on the heel and “Zulu Nation” on the bottom sole representing the Universal Zulu Nation.

The Bambaataa 99 Vulc features a Mid-Top design with specialized, unique logo and material treatment. The Bambaataa 99 Vulc comes in black and gold with soft Nappa and wrinkle patent leather and the UZN branding on the tongue.

The Zulu collection also features three Zulu tshirts.

Be a part of World Hip Hop History  and get yourself a pair of Universal Zulu Nation First Family of Hip Hop Culture Sneekers

For more information on Afrika Bambaataa visit and to view all Afrika Bambaataa/C1RCA Select products visit

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