Thursday, May 13, 2010

New York, stan up...

Here is some Z news from the mother land compliments of my good brother SEN1. First up to bat on May 15th we have the LAVA 1 & 2 Extravaganza Art Exhibit. This show will focus on the pioneering days of the 70's, with a huge line up of Graffiti legends including my Wild Style pops (lol) Tracy 168. If in the New York area do not miss this.

Also don't forget, Zulu Chapter 16 is hosting their yearly Each 1 Feed 1 BBQ. Going down June 12th. Like the flier says: "Food, Family & Fun". Please support this family event if in the NY area and see how Chapter 16 gets down. One love and hope this turns out to be a success.

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