Friday, May 7, 2010

In Brief...

Ok, here we go. Back in Biz.... First up to bat is my Porland family. The 45th Parallel Zulus hosting: "Rock the Beat". These jams are the first Friday of the month, so if you missed this one mark your calendar for next month. These Z's are doing it right, so please - Portland support your local Zulu chapter.

Next up to bat is my Queen from Harisburgh, PA. This is one of the strongest queens that we have in the nation and is always working and giving back to the youth and community. I love you Queen, keep up the hard work and the great job you do in the name of the nation. We salute you. Support: "Hip Hop Against Violence" Panels, Workshops, & legends in the spot. Check in and support a good cause...

Let's keep it moving. If in the mother land, check out "The Last Go Off" - 2 Year Anniversary. Classic Hip Hop, Funk, & Soul with special guest Crazy Legs.

Next on deck is the always hard working San Diego Zulus with their first "Summer Park Jam Series". 3 Park Jams in 3 month, all ages, all free. Starting in June. Look for final flier with locations and dates.
On the Raggamufin tip. Check in with my family TRC if in San Diego. Always something on deck with these guys.
B-Boy get your fat laces ready. SD Zulus bring you another installment of the world famous "Zulu Throwdown". May 15th with special exhibition battles between Zick representing Korea vs Asahi repping Japan. This should be good. Also popping battles, MC battles, & 8 to burn B-Boy battles. Don't miss this if in San Diego.

Last but not least in one for my man Wary the Warrior. Whats good kid!? Check in with his new online shop dropping soon. Wary represents our other family Dynasty Rockers and is nasty with the flavor.

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