Saturday, January 2, 2016

Zone-WST x The Quest for 100 in 2015

Zone-WST  x  The Quest for 100 in 2015

Ok.  New year so we got to wrap this up for you.  What a ride…  Here we go with No. 91 of 100 in The Quest for 100 in 2015.  Here's another banger production with the help of "Style" & "Ouie".  Dope "Jetsons" theme production complete with maid and Judy.  Oranges and yellows were used in the fill with turquoise 3-D and Blue outline.  You got to love this type of graff. #Fun Word is that they were eating lunch before noon after banging this one out in record time.  #Salute.  Stay tune as we finish this project out for you.  Enjoy!


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