Friday, December 11, 2015

Zone-WST x The Quest for 100 in 2015

Zone-WST  x The Quest for 100 in 2015

As we continue…  Here we go with No. 75!  We are at the 75% mark and we are not looking back.  This is a super duper 2 man WST producto on this one!  Killing it with the white outlines too..  He teams up with WST-Lords partner "Style"on this one to knock it out the park.  Super fresh and different fill colors with strong contrasting colors like black for designs and white for the outline and most of the 3-D.  Dope old school B-Boy character with 4 finger WST ring.  #HipHop.  Stay tune to see what the master technicians comes up with next.  Enjoy!


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