Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Yard Master Spray Pait x Zone1 x DazeRoc

"I Killed Your Style Master"

Here we go again with another update on Zones Quest for 100 in 2015.  This is No. 32 and is titled "I Killed Your Style Master".  On this particular production we decided to go with the beautiful colors of the Yard Master paint.  Colors used on the main fill were: Indian Spice, Brick, & Chippewa.  I also used Pennant Blue & Cascade Green on the 3D and outline with the Black.  Jungle Green was used for the force field and white for the glare lines.    Always good times painting with my brother.  As usual we were planning our attack the night before and Zone came up with  few characters that he changed around to give them more of a B-Boy look.  I finished the production with some WST supplemental letters with a crazy shine in the background that Im actually happy with.  Check out the flicks and the video.  Enjoy and stay tune.  YouKnowMySteez…


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