Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ironlak's - Animal Spray Ink

Ironlak's Animal Spray Ink

Here's a dope product that YouKnowMySteez is stocking with the entire Ironlak lineup.  This is Ironlak's  Animal Spray Ink.  Yes, Ink in a spray can.  This product lends itself to limitless experimentation and applications.  The ink itself is not buffable and bleeds.  Meaning that when it's buffed, it magically appears thru the buff.  It's also perfect for canvas work and creating drip effects.  Im also told that it mixes with enamel, & acrylic paint.  What will you create with the Animal? Text to 619/736-9567 to place your order. #YouKnowMySteez #YKMS

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