Friday, January 9, 2015

Wild Style Technicians - DazeRoc Tag Tee

Wild Style Technicians - DazeRoc Tag Tee
Ok.  I know you've seen the tag before.  I use it all the time.  I originally hit this handsteez with a juicy black Prismacolor marker while having fun.  I always wanted to print some tees with it, but always have concentrated on the main designs for the company.  This is more of a fun project/test run.  The project is very, very limited in numbers and sizes but comes in a wide arrangement of colors.  Here's a list of the colors: Black, Asphalt, Charcoal Grey, Charcoal, Burgundy, Red, Turquoise, Dark Chocolate, Harbor Blue, Kelly Green, Military Green, & Royal Blue.  Sizes run from Medium to 2XL.  Each tee comes with a very generous 20 sticker pack from my own personal collection including handmade slap stickers.  While we figure out how to put it on the site with all these colors you can follow the link to purchase or get a hold of me directly.  Also local pick up is good  if in the San Diego area.
DazeRoc Tag Tee
Front of tee in Charcoal Heather.  One of my favorites.

Back of the tee.

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