Wednesday, June 25, 2014

B-Girl Lady Daze x The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble | Beat Swap Meet LA | B-Boy Summit 20 Year Anniversary 2014

B-Girl Lady Daze x The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble
So my best friend and life tagged teamed with me to hit up the Beat Swap Meet Los Angeles x B-Boy Summit 20 Year Anniversary.  We were there to help out our NorthStar family, Vendetta Vinyl and make it a Hip Hop holiday.  Well, half way threw the day a band started setting up in front of the booth.  I was that much more hyped when they introduced the band as The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble and said they were from San Diego. Fire and Heavy Instrumental Soul is what they brought to the table.  The morale went thru the roof as everyone started bobbing their heads and swaying from the grooves.  My lil one first asked me if she could get closer to the band.  I told her no problem and she proceeded to get zapped by the energy & frequency of the music.  A bit later she asked if she could dance.  Something she had never done in public.  I told her for sure and this is what happened.  These are just a few of the times I recorded, but she went out for most of the bands set.  When the band was done she told them: "Thank you for playing good music" and dropped a dollar in their bucket.  When the band was done packing, one of the members came by and handed her back the dollar, as to return the favor for grooving together.  On the way home I was as proud as a papa bear could be.  Since she had never done that before I asked her: "What got into you today?" She looks at me and says:  The Music.

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