Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Ultra LP

Jack White's - The Lazaretto - ULTRA LP

OK guys.  Here's one for you Vinyl lovers.  It surounds the new Jack White Ultra LP.  Here are some of the features in this collectors gem.  

     First of all, it is cut on 180 gram vinyl.
  There are 2 vinyl-only hidden tracks beneath the center labels (under the label grooves).  This is a first of it's kind.  Beneath the label; meaning you can play another track that it's hidden where the LPs sticker is.  
     One of the hidden tracks plays at 78 RPM and the other plays at 45 RPM, making the LP the first 3 speed record.
     Side A plays from the inside out!  Another feature I had never seen.  
     This is amazing! - The record has what they call dual-groove technology witch plays an electric OR acoustic intro for the song "Just One Drink" depending on where the needle is dropped; the grooves meet the body of the song. SMH.  
     Side A has a shinny finish while side B has a matt finish.  
     Both sides finish with Locked Grooves that continue to play as if it was looped.  Side A with what they are calling a first; in that has an outside locked groove.  
     If that was not enough tricks for you, here's the kicker.  Side A contains a hand-etched hologram!  Yes I said hologram.  This is another first of its kind.  The record actually has 2 angels spinning around as the record plays.  
I don't know about you, but I might just have to get in line and pick one of these up as a collector of vinyl. 

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