Monday, March 24, 2014

Guerrilla Posting - Rap Quote Signs - Jay Shells'

Jay Shells' Rap Quotes - LA Edition

Here's a real cool video I ran across.  It's a guerrilla style rap quote project that I found interesting. The artist name is Jay Shells' and he is famous for posting realistic street signs that read something else.  I love the guerrilla tactics.. On this edition he comes to Los Angeles with a trunk load of famous rap quotes from LA rapers.  The quotes make mention of a specific address and Jay drives there and permanently installs the signs.  Here's a few of the quotes he used: "So I hook a left on 2-1 & Lewis, Some brothers shooting dice so I said let's do this" - Warren G.  "It's hell hot, we pull up to Dockweiler, The scene is so lovely, it make me wanna holla" - Defari.  "So now I'm down Rosecrans in LA in a caravan, passing Alameda my bass meter in need of a pump" - Kendrick Lamar.  "Down LA Cienega to bust a left on Venice where you can find me and mines" - Xzibit.  He ended up putting up 45 of these around LA.  I wonder how long they stayed up and how manny if any are still up.  Enjoy!

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