Monday, May 6, 2013

ZONE-WST Rocks New York

Here's one that's been on the WST calendar for a minute now.  The combination of a WST founding member, Graffiti in the mother land and an all star Graff lineup had most in the group vexed.  The Style Sergeant ZONE1 made the 12 hr. driving trip to Ithaca, New York to take part in the "Get Up State" event.  With so much fishing as of late ZONE settled for a "C'mon Bite My Style" fishing theme.  Fresh event & artist, fresh bass character and B-Boy.  Pfhh, even had Afrika Bambaataa up in the place.  C'Mon Son - What else do you want?  #WSTisTheIllest  #PlanetRock  Check out the flicks and enjoy the video.

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