Friday, April 19, 2013

Ironlak Graffiti Painting Gloves.

Painting thru the decades has made me try and gone thru hundreds of gloves.  Most don't last long enough to let you finish your project.  Many make your hands sweaty and some are even allergic to some.  We'll search no more.  These suckas are DazeRoc approved.  Here are the Ironlak Painting Gloves.  Perhaps the best gloves I've ever used.  Made of a stretch to fit, breathable material with a light rubberized material on the palm.  They make it easy to hold on to the can and have precise control of your nozzle while giving your hand breathability and full range of motion.  They come in pairs and in sizes Large or XL and sell for only $5.  Leave me a comment or get a hold of me on Facebook (Daze Roc) to purchase.  Ships worldwide.

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