Sunday, January 27, 2013

Something From Nothing The Art Of Rap (FULL DVD)

Man, I finally got around to watching "The Art of Rap" directed by Ice-T.  I'm a sucker for documentaries so I was all in wile watching.  One of the dopest lines in the documentary was when Lord Jamar was talking about how the people in the ghetto lost instruments to either poverty or from them being removed from the school curriculum.  He goes on to say that before that it was not unusual for black people to play the piano, or horns.  What ended up happening was that they took the only thing in the house that played music being the turntable and turned it into an instrument.  That was mad powerful when you think how Hip Hop truly comes from nothing.  #HipHopLives

"I'm not B. E. T. or M. T. V., I'm H. I. P. H. O. P." - KRS ONE

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