Sunday, October 7, 2012

Style A Thon 2012 WST Production

San Diego "Style A Thon" 2012
Wild Style Technicians Production.
The call came and it was time to lift my self imposed hiatus from the Blok.  With that said I packed up the paint, tips, buff, grabbed the outline and headed out the door.  The thought of finally getting it in with Arest on a one-two WST punch, had me hyped.  Come to find out it was going to turn into a "Three the Hardway" producto!  My man Kool Sphere crashed the party and made it that much more legit.  Sphere and I grabbed the ends and left the center spot for Arest.  After battling to get my outline up I was finally ready for the fill.  I didn't have anything in mind other that I wanted to experiment with the fill.  Sphere had to knock out his piece and bounce back to LA.  He did it in veteran style and got it done in just a few hrs.  His piece still had the original Pesto Bismol buff from the new walls being installed for the big event.  I actually buffed around his piece and left room for the force field.  Arest and I handled our biz and finished at the end of the day.  I had and idea of what I wanted to do for the background so I came back the next few days as time permitted to get it in and tie everything in.  I put highlights behind everyone's pieces and started the rest of the background.  Arest came back and put up the WST letters and finished Sphere's piece by putting up the force field.  The production started to really come together.  I finally finished the background, hit my force field and called it quits.  Hope you guys like it.  #WSTeam



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