Monday, September 24, 2012

Piff PCH & Mr. Brady - For the Yo's

Here's a cool video from my man Mr. Brady.  If you follow this blog you already know I give you plenty of Mr. Brady stuff.  He is one of my brothers from San Diego and he's made more than a few people proud with his work ethic and determination.  Here's a new one from the project "Tacoshopphilosophy". This is a full length album produced by Mr. Brady and featuring Piff PCH.  The song is called "For the Yo's".  What makes this video dope is that they filmed it at this placed called "The Spot".  Well just that week WST member SAKE was throwing a B-Boy event and he had all sort of San Diego Graff artist come and get down.  Well sad to say that all the dope graff had to be painted over the same week. (I know.  I buffed everything.)  Good to see that at least the memories and art will live forever in this video.  Thanks guys!  P.S.  If you look closely you'll even see and old school B-Boy that I did.  The theme for everyone painting was old school 80's/NY graff.

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