Thursday, April 26, 2012

Aerosoul 3 - Needs you help.

I'm extremely proud to be down with this squad and continue to be inspired and moved by these brothers.  The Wah Set Zulu chapter of the NorthStar Zulu foundation has continued their hard work in the neighborhood, the youth and with the great Aerosol Art show - "Aerosoul 3 - From Khemet 2 Aztlan".  These brothers are always in the trenches and lead by example.  Don't tell these cats they ain't down you sucka cats..  I was able to go to last years event and it was just incredible.  For these truly grass roots movements to happen, we need your help.  Tons of volunteer hrs. go into making this show possible, but we need your help.  Yes, your help.  Check the link and video and give back to Hip Hop today.

Here is the link to the page to donate to:

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