Monday, March 28, 2011

Transitions Video...

Here is the video for the show "Transitions".  Yee!  Boricuas in FX....

BlackBook Sessions

That's right yo, BlackBook Sessions once again.  Brought to you by NorthStar Zulus San Diego, & Wild Style Technicians.  Bring your books, pencils, & markers.

Let's Go!

Weapons of Mass Expression

Had to send a shout to a good friend B-Boy Remind and the great people at Just Blaze Hip Hop Center/Shop.  Thye are linking up to bring you "Weapons of Mass Expressions" - The Arizona Edition.  Going down April 2, 2011 - Phoenix, Arizona.  If in the area don't pass up on this great opportunity. 

Lounging Mondays...


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boots 119 episode

I love this guy. Total comedy, but always telling it like it is.  Got to love it.  Enjoy!  Props to the one and only (Yo) T-Kind One Seven Oh...

Friday, March 25, 2011

That's Hip Hop

Ok boys and girls, time for another segment of "That's Hip Hop"  In this weekd segment we have some type of dancing with friends bugging out.  Enjoy!

The Dance Assasin...


Bonus footage of the highly anticipated: "Urban Ninja"

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Adidas!

It's been a minute since my last "My Adidas" segment.  Since I've made no time for a photo shoot I'm going to have to leave you with this.  Just to let you know that Pimps & Hustlas love Adidas to.  Yee!

Fill Us Up With Your Mercy...

     Here is  lil tribute to a much forgotten and on of my all time favorite Reggae singer - Garnett Silk.  A reggae legend to me.  He died tragically in a fire while trying to save his mother.  RIP.  One Love, One People, Jah Rastafari... 

A bit of info for those that never heard of him (Each One Teach One)
Garnett Silk (born Garnet Damoin Smith; April 2, 1966 – December 9, 1994), was a Jamaican reggae musician and Rastafarian, known for his emotive, powerful and smooth voice. During the early 1990s he was hailed as a rising talent, but his career was ended by his early death in 1994, while attempting to save his mother while the house was on fire.

  Smith was born in Manchester, Jamaica.  His musical career began at the age of twelve, when he performed under the name Little Bimbo.  During the 1990s he worked as a Deejay on Sound Systems such as Conquering Lion, Soul Remembrance, Pepper's Disco, Stereophonic, and Destiny Outernational (where he first met Tony Rebel). He recorded his first track in 1985, but it would be two years later before his first single, "Problem Everywhere" was released.  An album of material from this period (Journey) was later released. In 1988, he joined Sugar Minott's  Youth Promotion label, releasing "No Disrespect", and working regularly with Tony Rebel, Smith now being billed simply as 'Bimbo' (lol). The pair began performing as a duo around the sound systems to much acclaim. The Garnett Silk Meets the Conquering Lion: A Dub Plate Selection album dates from about this time and features a clutch of exclusive recordings the DJ cut for the sound system from the mid-1980s through the end of the decade. Rebel, a Rastafarian, eventually converted Smith to his religion with the help of dub poet Yasus Afari, a close friend of both the DJs.

     In 1989, at the suggestion of veteran singer Derrick Morgan,  Smith turned from deejaying to singing, with a recording session at Bunny Lee's studio with Rebel, including tracks recorded separately, as a duo, and with Anthony Selassie, and he began working under his real name. The Heartbat label's Tony Rebel Meets Garnet Silk in a Dancehall Conference compiles these early Morgan-overseen recordings. The success of this session led him to continue as a singer, going on to work with producers King Tuby, Prince Jammy, and Donovan Germain, before signing a two-year contract with Steely & Clevie in 1990, recording an album's worth of songs for them. It was the production duo who decided to change his name to Garnett Silk, in reference to his smooth voice. Only one of the tracks recorded during this period, "We Can Be Together", a duet with Clevelle Franflin, was actually released at the time, and discouraged by this, he returned to Manchester and threw himself into songwriting, often in partnership with an old friend, Anthony "Fire" Rochester.

  Another encounter with Tony Rebel brought an introduction to Courtney Cole, owner of the Roof International label. Silk would record a plethora of songs at the producer's Ocho Rios studio, amongst them were the hits "Mama," "Seven Spanish Angels," and a cover of the Johnny Hash classic "I Can See Clearly Now". Roof International would posthumously bundle up these early singles and other material recorded at this time for the Nothing Can Divide Us album, which the VP label picked up for the US. 

     By 1992, Silk was in Kingston in the studio with producer Bobby Digital, recording his debut album It's Growing. Split between deeply cultural themes, spiritual songs, and romantic numbers, the album went on to become one of the best selling in Jamaica that year, and he had his first major hit single with "Hey Mama Africa" (One of my favoriotes and produced by Richard "Bello" Bell) for the Star Trail label, which was Silk's first international hit, and topped the reggae chart in Britain!

     Over the next two years, the singer would record with most of the major name producers on the island, both on his own and in partnership with Tony Rebel. He cut a swathe of songs with King Jammy, including "Fill Us Up With Your Mercy" and "Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders".  The latter track titled a 1994 compilation released by the Greensleeves label in the U.K. and boasts seven Jammy cuts and a clutch of hits for other producers.

     1993's Gold, released by the UK.  Charm label, bundled up more hits from this period. Amongst them was "Zion in a Vision," a Jamaican number one cut with producer Jack Scorpio, as well as "Hey Mama Africa". he also recorded for Sly & Robbie, including the deeply religious "Thank You, Jah" and the haunting "Green Line." But the pace was becoming too much and Silk collapsed during a show at the Ritz in New York City, suffering from low blood pressure and exhaustion. The exhausted singer was forced to cancel all his scheduled appearances for the next six months, most crucially of all, what would have been his debut at Reggae Sumfest.  However, Silk bounced back in 1994 and set back to work. In a show of good grace, he rejoined Steely & Clevie and cut the "Love Is the Answer" single, another massive hit. "Fight Back," produced by Richie Stephens, was next up. By then, the singer was ready to re-take the stage, which he did with a vengeance, headlining that year's Reggae Sumfest and Reggae Sunsplash festivals. His set at the latter event was captured for the Live at Reggae Sunsplash 1994 album, released in 1999 by the Tabou1 label.

     Having signed an international distribution deal with Atlantic records, Silk now entered Tuff Gong studios with producer Errol Brown and the cream of Jamaica's sessionmen (including Aston Barrett, Sly & Robbie, Tyrone Downie, Earl "Chinna" Smith, and Uziah "Sticky" Thompson), to begin work on his second album. He'd recorded ten songs and the album was nearing completion when he went home to visit his mother. Silk had borrowed a pair of guns from his attorney after his home had been burgled, but had no idea how to use them. Sitting with a couple of friends at his mother's house in Mandeville, Jamaica, on December 9, one offered to show him how they worked, at which point the gun accidentally misfired, hitting a propane tank and setting the house ablaze. The singer, his friends, and his two brothers made it out safely, only to discover that Silk's mother was still trapped inside. The singer rushed back into the house to save her, but it was too late and both were lost in the fire. Since then, Silk's music has been kept alive by several tributes, including Macka B's "Tribute to Garnett Silk" and the Earth Day concert, and numerous compilation albums, including two collections of his dubplates, Kilamanjaro Remembers Garnett Silk (Jam Down, 1999) and Rule Dem (Trojan/Sanctuary 2006).
In 2000, Atlantic finally released The Definitive Collection, a two-CD set showcasing the ten tracks the singer had recorded during sessions for his unfinished second album.


Here we go, back in the office...  Check it, New COPE2 Solo Art Show.  This guy is a monster and does not stop.  If in the New York area make sure not to sleep on this show at the TT Gallery.  My man COPE going in solo with a show titled "Transition".  Show starts April 7th, 2011 and runs thru April 18th, 2011.  Opening reception Thursday April 7th - From 7pm to 10pm.  You been invited...

Press release:

 A solo exhibition of new works on canvas by Bronx based artist COPE2. As his first solo exhibition at the gallery, Transition, features canvases with various types of mediums reflecting on graffiti aesthetics synthesized with fragments of street art elements. These new chapter of paintings arise from the obstruction of producing graffiti pieces in the streets paradigm to a permanent transfixed surface. COPE2 integrates color and texture to translate his raw energy, intertwined with his trademark bubble letters and tags, into abstract compositions on canvas.

Among the original paintings on exhibition will be 100 limited edition giclĂ©e print on archival paper titled Most Wanted, 18” x 24”, 2011.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beginning DJ Tutorial

Here is an old clip of NS representative DJ Fooders.  This a great tutorial for the beginning DJ.  He goes over the 1's and 2's of all the basic scratches.  The baby scratch, the forward, the backwards, 7 more.  Check in...

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Letter M

Don't sleep on the WST Gallery on the Wild Style Technicians website.  New work from IZZE-WST here with the letter M.   19 x 24 canvas rocked with Montana Hardcore & Marvy paint markers.  Check in and help a starving artist.  More work coming soon.
All work is for sale.  Check the gallery at:

WST March Madness...

Here is a lil March Madness promo compliments of Wild Style Technicians.  Yee!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Get your bars up!

"The first album!"  Nuff said.  Enjoy!
"Com'on Man.."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Architechture & Beads...

Respect the Architect...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Because I Felt Like It...

This guy does not stop.  Here we go again with more music from San Diego's own Mr. Brady.  Always giving back, here are another 5 bangers for you to listen to.  Enjoy! One ina di air for Mr. Brady.  Booyaka Shot!

1. Whateva Prod. by Elaquent
...2. Sugar feat. Sha Dula Prod. by Tranzformer
3. Space Boogie feat. Kas One Prod. by Kas One
4. Road Trippin Prod. by Dibiase
5. Pure Raw feat. LMNO Prod. by Moka Only


Zulu Radio

Here is the last episode of 206 Zulus - "Zulu Radio".  Zulu Radio goes down every Saturday night from 10pm-midnight PST w/ hosts: King Khazm, Silver Shadow D, DJ Cues and Beloved1.  Check in.  Big shout t my man Khazm holding it down on the 206.  Bless my brother.
Here is the link.  Copy & paste.  Enjoy!

Monday, March 7, 2011

That's Hip Hop

Well folks time for another segment of - "That's Hip Hop".  In this segment we go over graffiti art.  Enjoy the commentary.

Volume One - The Bode Edition.

Don't sleep on the new issue of my mans KUAZE - Volume One Magazine.  This is one of the premiere US graff magazines and has been around since the 90's.  The new issue features the art of Mark Bode, who keeps his fathers art and legacy alive.  The cover and pull out poster/center spread makes this a collector item.  Order yours today!


Got the call from headquarters saying there was a mission opportunity. Staff Sergeant ZONE1 from the WST platoon gave me the orders: “Bring the Bode books, come ready to rock, be there at 0 – 800 am, & Don’t be late.” 
I happened to be at a small undisclosed location with WST Platoon Member IZZE. We were on late night duty till 05:30!  I never did get any sleep. Sleep or no sleep, I never pass up the opportunity to go on missions with my partner in crime ZONE1. With that said, operation: “You Cat’s Know We Always Play To Win…” was put into full effect.
       As usual ZONE wasted no time going in.  He put up a coat of true blue to buff the background.  The color was bright and almost blinding in the bright hot summer like day.  ZONE came with a SAKE outline on this mission to pay homage to one of San Diego’s graff pioneer and my mentor. 

       I was well into my outline and ZONE into the fill when I was suddenly flown out by helicopter to hold down the SDNS monthly.  After a few hours the meeting was adjourned and I was flown back within reach of the original location.  I parachuted down to meet back up with ZONE.  When I finally reached the destination ZONE was already on the character.  The sun continued to beat on us as the temperature continued to rise.  We pressed on with the mission and were able to finish the task before evening. Here is some of what was left behind.  Enjoy!

Chalk it down for another “WST Sure Shot” – Representing San Diego’s Old School….

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wild Style Ladies

My, my, my. Where would we be, without the ladies.  Here are a few new things that just came in. As usual, all ladies apparel is always limited, so order today!  Fellas with FREE shipping, you can get something for yourself and also something for the B-Girl in your life.  What ever you do, let a sistah know...
 First up to bat is the DyseOne-Haslr Tee design.  This is a new design we just picked up from DyseOne.  The design was done by San Diego Graff artist Hasl-TV Crew.   Ladies tees are available in soft pink - in  Small, Medium, & Large.  Design also available in Mens tees.
This one here come compliments of WST member PESA.  It is also one in the new "Wild Style Burner - Artist Series".  A collection we are  proud to put out.  PESA has become one of the best designers for the line and all of his designs have become best sellers.  Again - limited numbers, so act like you know.  This ladies tee comes in Military Green and in Small, Medium, Large, & XL.  This design also come in mens tees.
 Here, we got another New design from the DyseOne Apparel line.  On this one DyseOne himself get's it in on some old school graff flava.  "Dedicated" is available in soft yellow - in Small, Medium, & Large.  Design also available in Mens Royal Blue tees.  Check the website for flick.
For more products and deals visit the website at:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The birth of Hip Hop-Zulu

Got to love all the old clips.  Here is one for your head.  Each one Teach one.  Enjoy!

Anger is no Food...

Here is a lil video from my man Baske.  Enjoy!

NYC BlackBook Masters 2

Check this!  If in the NYC area, you might not want to miss this Graffiti Book Release show.  "New Your City Black Book Masters 2"  Starting March 15  and going thru April 15, 2011.  NYC pioneers and masters will be filling the walls with masterpieces.  The list includes: Blade, Tracy, Iz the Wiz, T-kid, Bio, Nicer, Revolt, WebOne, Duster, Quick, Cycle, Ces, Cope2 and many more legends.  You know i'm going to have to order this one.  Thanks Mane for this...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New DyseOne Tees

Just in and hot of the press.  DyseOne's new Spring/Summer line.  We got 3 new tee designs.  Dedicated, Grimey, & Haslr.  There are in stock right now, but don't sleep.  We have limited numbers, so order today.

 Order at:

DJ Shag

Here is a dope project from San Diego's DJ Shag.  The entire project was done using an iPhone.  The music was made with Intua's Beatmaker iPhone app & the Video was shot with the same iPhone 4 and 2 different cinematic lens adapters. Video features: Blame One, Jimmy Powers, Sojourn, Kaus, and the Anti Citizens... Download the entire " Made with my Phone " album for free at www.madewithmyphone.comTell him DazeRoc sent you.  Enjoy!

Custom Name Plates by DazeRoc

Hit me up if you are interested in a one of a kind piece.  Now doing Hand Style Name plates.  Available in any size and in many different materials.  Get at me and I can make it happen.

Going Platinum...

These are a few shots of an Art Project I got going called - "Going Platinum".  I'm working on some as we speak for an art show I got coming up.  All work is for sale and can be customized with name, colors, ect...  Support a starving artist and cop one today.  The yellow one is is property of DJ NickNayme.

"Shot Me In The Heart"

With so many sucka ducks out there in the music industry you know I'm going to keep you posted to official Boom Bap ish.  With that said here is a banger from San Diego's own Banish.  Boom Bap provided by SD's Aim One.  This is a video teaser for the album "Dredgar Cayce" out early 2011
Album features guest appearances by:
Crooked I, Ill Bill, Rakaa, Reef the lost Cauze, Demoz,
Block McCloud, Outerspace, Aims, James Heated,
Beenie Man, Sizzla Kalonji & Snowgoons.
  DO NOT Sleep on this project!