Monday, March 7, 2011


Got the call from headquarters saying there was a mission opportunity. Staff Sergeant ZONE1 from the WST platoon gave me the orders: “Bring the Bode books, come ready to rock, be there at 0 – 800 am, & Don’t be late.” 
I happened to be at a small undisclosed location with WST Platoon Member IZZE. We were on late night duty till 05:30!  I never did get any sleep. Sleep or no sleep, I never pass up the opportunity to go on missions with my partner in crime ZONE1. With that said, operation: “You Cat’s Know We Always Play To Win…” was put into full effect.
       As usual ZONE wasted no time going in.  He put up a coat of true blue to buff the background.  The color was bright and almost blinding in the bright hot summer like day.  ZONE came with a SAKE outline on this mission to pay homage to one of San Diego’s graff pioneer and my mentor. 

       I was well into my outline and ZONE into the fill when I was suddenly flown out by helicopter to hold down the SDNS monthly.  After a few hours the meeting was adjourned and I was flown back within reach of the original location.  I parachuted down to meet back up with ZONE.  When I finally reached the destination ZONE was already on the character.  The sun continued to beat on us as the temperature continued to rise.  We pressed on with the mission and were able to finish the task before evening. Here is some of what was left behind.  Enjoy!

Chalk it down for another “WST Sure Shot” – Representing San Diego’s Old School….

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