Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Seed - Breaking Ground

If you been following my blog these guys are not new to you. I've been telling you guys for a minute, support the real. Here is the highly anticipated mix tape project "The Seed - Breaking Ground" compliments of my man Kahlee. The project was supported by San Diego bases Hip Hop companies Wild Style Technicians & DyseOne Clothing & is mixed by SD DJ Demon & SD Producer Adikt 1. I"ll say it again, "Don't sleep on Kahlee and his partner is crime Uptown Suite". Most people I know never even heard of these cats. Get it in and download this right now. Wait till the album drops, but for now enjoy 21 tracks FREE! Contact Kahlee @ tredimemusic@gmail.com Down load link: http://www.djbooth.net/index/mixtapes/entry/the-seed-breakinground/



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